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Baseball accident


One of the famost sports in the USA, it initial start and got famos in the US and got popular now in more than hundret countries.


2014 the Major League had approx more than 9$ billion in gross revenue.

In the year 2001 Mo'ne Davis became the firts woman who won the Little League.

But a woman never  played in the major league.

Maybe becouse they are scared tha something like this could happend:


or somethink like this:



Today we have Thirsty Thursday




Is the fifth weekday in the USA and fourth  weekday in europ and other countries with 8601 ISO norm.

So whats to do aon a Thirsty Thursday?

1. Wakeup


2. Take a drink


3. make some exercise



4. try again

Thirsty Thursday

5. eat breakfast


6. take a drink


7.Take a bath


8. take another drink


9. make some Party